We are a community of medical professionals sharing ideas and solving problems.

Dr. Marco Fumagalli, Founder Jayson Lux, Co-founder

The idea of an online communication platform between healthcare professionals was born from the needs that I felt during my daily activity as a psychiatric doctor: the need to optimize the time that I have available between my psychotherapy sessions and the desire to connect to a collective knowledge around the management of diseases, aware that very often the complexity of the situations that I encounter finds an effective therapeutic response only in a multifocal approach to the problem.

I became aware of the importance of collaborating with other doctors and therapists, and I was frustrated to find it difficult to find the right person to refer to. In the days of Facebook and Instagram, which allow instant communication between millions of people, the almost complete lack of tools for virtual exchange between health professionals has become almost shocking to me. In spite of the almost limitless possibilities of exchange made available by the web, the constitution of a network of collaboration remained for me an ephemeral reality and very difficult to concretize.

From this awareness, there is an idea that came to mind, create a community of doctors and therapists who can communicate in the virtual space of the web. Grow in the collective knowledge of the treatment of disease, to bring a more appropriate and effective response to the suffering of our patients. A local and global exchange community that is self-powered and strengthened through the secure communication made available by the platform.

LigneSante respects the convictions and ideas of all professionals who choose to use it. As a doctor, it is often difficult to approach therapeutic methods that are rooted in a non-traditional approach. Such as the approach proposed by integrative medicine, which does not rely on a strictly "scientific" bases. We want to respect everyone's point of view, and that's why we have space accessible to all medical professionals. We want to take up the challenge of integrative medicine by promoting the exchange between the two disciplines, through a shared room. Hence, the meeting between these two different worlds, both fascinating, vibrant, and complex, will be possible.

LigneSante is an instrument that, to this day, is and wants to remain flexible, interactive and evolving, able to adapt and respond to the requests of those who animate and live it: the doctors and therapists who are part of it. The platform goes where the therapeutic community wants it to go: for this reason, feedback from medical professionals is welcome and essential for the team that manages this platform and us.

Also, LigneSante aims to be a bridge between the therapeutic community and its patients, men, and women who need help. Outside the spaces reserved for health professionals, there will be a possibility for people asking for help, to have access to a sizeable therapeutic community, through a single platform — more visibility for the professional, more ease of access to the care network for the patients.