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Everything you need to know so you can use LigneSante like a champion

1Signing up

Go to the Login/Sign Up page and click on register.


Choose a username, enter your email and a password, check out and approve the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, click on Register and answer a few captcha questions.


Choose your membership (Community Member). Since this is a Beta version, you will receive the service for free for 90-days.


Please enter your credit card information.


To verify your identity, please upload either your medical license or a copy of your diploma. In addition, please upload a copy of your identification (ID card or passport).


Check you emails. Your should now have received two emails. One of them will ask you to follow a link to verify your email address.


A member of our team will review your credentials and you will receive an email as soon as your account is approved.


Go to the Login/Sign Up page and enter your username and password. Check the box “Remember Me” if you do not wish to enter this information in the future.

3Two-Factor Authentication

We care about your security and deeply encourage you to set up two-factor authentication.

Go to you profile / About / Preferences. Enable two-factor authentication, then choose which set up you prefer. If you choose to user Google Authenticator, download the app, scan the QR code with your phone or manually enter the private key. Before saving, make sure that the current one-time passcode matches the one from the app.


Next time you log in, after entering your username and password you will have to enter the two-factor authentication code that you will get from the app you chose to use.

4Password Recovery

Click on “Forgot Password” and enter your email address.


You will receive an email with further instructions shortly after. Follow the link in the email and choose a new password.


Choose which information you would like to appear on your profile and who should see this information (Public, Site Members, Colleagues Only, Only Me). The mandatory fields are: First Name, Last Name and Specialty.


Choose your preferences. For example, you decide if you’d like users to see your username or your real name, select your time zone, and much more…


Choose which notifications you would like to receive on site and by email.


Change your account’s data. You can also export your community data! Yes, we are GDPR and HIPAA compliant.


If you would like to sell or buy medical equipment, you can enter your addresses there. That way, this information will be automatically used in the Classifieds section.

10Create a Group

To create a group, go to your profile / Groups / Create Group. Choose a name for the group, select a category, write a description and decide whether the group should be open (meaning anyone on the platform can join), closed (users can request membership), secret (non-members can’t see the group, only by invitation).

LigneSante LigneSante

You can choose a cover photo and an avatar photo for your new group.

You can also invite colleagues and choose how you would like to be notified about new posts in the group.


Finally, you can post a text, a photo or a poll to the group.

LigneSante Join an existing group

Click in the Groups tab. There you can search all the groups which are set to open. You can also search for a particular group by choosing a specific category.


You will find the blog section in your profile / Blog. You can save blogposts as drafts, edit them later or delete them via your dashboard.


Click on create to write a new blogpost. You can format the post the way you prefer with a multitude of options made available for you. Choose to add images and set a featured Image so your blogpost is displayed nicely in the activity stream. In addition, choose a category and / or a hashtag!

Once you hit “Publish Article”, the blogpost will also be available in the Health News section of the site! Write the blogpost in the language of your choice… in fact users who do not speak the same language can easily auto-translate the content to get an idea.


Review your memberships and past invoices. Seeing how we are currently in the beta version, we are offering 90-days free membership, after that period to utilize the platform entirely, the cost will be CHF 9.99 per month.


Buy or sell medical equipment via the classifieds section of the platform. We’ll even give you a way to track your order.


Search for colleagues under the Members tab. You can review your current colleagues under your profile / Colleagues.


Under your profile / Photos, you can add new photos and create photo albums.


Track your orders under your profile / Orders.


Choose an avatar and a cover photo.

From your stream, you can post text, photos and polls and select who can view these posts. You can also share your location and choose to post to a specific group.


You can send messages to your colleagues. To do so, click on the little envelope on the top-right corner of your profile. Select the recipient(s) and send your message! Your communication is encrypted and secured between servers and web browsers through "Transport Layer Security" (TLS). We are incorporating a brand-new end-to-end encryption algorithm and will let you know once it’s released!


Click on the house on the top left corner of your profile to access the activity feed. There you can see what’s new in your community. You can filter by hashtags, community members, and translate all the posts in the language of your choice.


We are finetuning the platform at the moment leave your email, and you will be at the front of the line for LAUNCH DAY!

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