MyClinic (Cominig Soon)

Focus On Patient Care

We can help doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals operate at their best by giving their team the tools they need to focus on the most crucial thing – patients. Those tools allow healthcare professionals to see improvements in clinical workflows, free staff up to focus on the patients, communicate the health information more effectively, and reduce the administrative tasks.

Help improve patient outcomes and boost revenues, using solutions that let medical professionals do the following:
  • Improve the quality for the patient.
  • Automate and streamline patient intake and clinical workflows.
  • Get quicker documentation of each patient using speech-driven solutions.
  • Participate in whenever and wherever care takes place using superior mobile solutions.
  • Use specialty-designed content to improve workflow and attain data capture and quality reporting.
  • Moreover, integrated interoperability allows for more effective communications on a secure platform.
Focus On Population Health

Success hinges upon understanding the patient population and communicating with them, especially as the healthcare system moves towards the value-based reimbursement system.

LigneSante provides medical professionals with all the advantages of a sophisticated and user-friendly system. Our population health analytics will enable medical professionals to improve patient outcomes and expand market share with MyClinic. In particular, they can:

  • Review information from various sources in and away from EHR.
  • Incorporate data from claims, HIEs, and various sources to attain a more precise look at patients.
  • Attain valuable insights by converting patient information from different sources and putting them into actionable records to recognize individual patient needs.
  • Put information into action using an outreach engine that lets them talk with patients at risk, helping reduce their chances for chronic illnesses and care.
  • Improve disease management, such as recognizing, monitoring, documenting, and managing chronic disease patients.
  • Save both money and time by recognizing and getting rid of failed care programs.
  • Improve revenues by using quality measures and applying for incentives that fall under the value-based payment system.
  • Use preventative services to boost revenues, sending reminders to patients in the patient population to get their necessary care.
Connect With Other Healthcare Providers

Rapid communication with providers, patients, and the healthcare system is what leads to the success of today’s medical services. Medical professionals need to leverage the power of a connected community to better the outcomes patients have, improve efficiency, and boost the market share.

How Can LigneSante Help Medical Professionals With Their Patients? MyClinic allows medical experts to:
  • Effectively target patients, using the population analytics through a well-designed outreach program that will boost revenue and outcomes.
  • Constructively talk with patients, connecting with them through the channel they prefer – by phone, text, email, etc.
  • Monitor the progress of patients with the power behind national interoperability, regardless of where the treatment occurred.
  • Confidently keep track of patient care by the sharing of health information on various systems with other healthcare providers.
Improve Overall Finances

Practice administrators, doctors, therapists, nurses, etc. face a plethora of financial issues, such as declines in reimbursements and shifting payment models. All change with the help of MyClinic.
We can boost revenue capture with our billing, claims, and collections services. We look over at your financial health from various aspects and come up with a revenue cycle management and medical billing services that improve overall performance. Your cost will go down, but the return on investment increases.

What You Should Remember…

Medical professionals – be it a physician, academic researcher, intern, nurse, nurse practitioner, psychologist, therapist, or whoever – sometimes hold a person's life in their hands. Hence, it is vital they have a platform such as LigneSante to help them find treatment options, derived from the collective knowledge of a global network of medical professionals.

The platform will allow them to share their knowledge, as well as their successes and failures. Without fear of reprisal, the medical community is more willing to share opinions and get help from a doctor halfway around the world.

There is no doubt that LigneSante is an ever-evolving, interactive platform that wants to help medical professionals of all fields make a difference in their patient's lives.
Whether you are a therapist with a bipolar patient or a nurse practitioner with a patient condition you've never seen before, LigneSante's platform is your gateway for a world of expert collaboration.