Schedule/Market Events & Conferences

With LigneSante, medical professionals can plan, coordinate, and join medical conferences and events, regardless of their geographical location.

We are even more than just advice and survey taking platform; we also help our medical community in setting up and finding medical conferences to attend.

Find Your Next Medical Conference

Medical-related conferences are set up to happen each week. Save time by doing a smart search, focusing on the specialty, location, and date. Sign up for the medical event while also booking your hotel, transportation, and dining services. Set up reminders of the medical conferences.

Advertise Upcoming Medical Events
  • Medical event organizers can promote their events by quickly making an online profile.
  • They can quickly add to their medical conference.
  • Plus, they can access and edit medical events on the user-friendly platform.
  • Finally, they can access and look over analytics.

We can help event organizers with their advertising and marketing needs for medical conferences.