Better Communication for an Integrated Health Solution

What Do We Mean By Integrated Health?

LigneSante ,a collective intelligence platform, was born out of the desire of its founder, Dr. Marco Fumagalli, to bridge the communication gap between doctors, therapists, and other healthcare providers, to offer patients unique treatments tailored to their needs as an individual. He firmly believes that illness is a complex, intricated, and multifaceted problem, involving many actors of the health sector. The solution to this problem lies in an integrated approach of medicine, characterized by synergies and communication between the various healthcare professionals.

As such, the mission of LigneSante is to facilitate these synergies, by providing state of the art technology, while keeping in mind that technology alone can not heal the human, and that it is especially important nowadays to find time to reflect, meditate and communicate.

Why Is A Collective Intelligence Platform So Crucial?

Most importantly, many doctors and healthcare providers know that some medical cases do not have textbook answers, and talking with a colleague could help them uncover a treatment option they never considered before. On the other hand, the problem is that today’s society operates on a fast-paced mode – no time to converse with other healthcare providers.

As a result, treatment decisions are sometimes made hastily and not always for the better!

LigneSante came about – we would like to allow doctors to collaborate with other healthcare professionals throughout the world. Quickly, and find a treatment option that tailored to their patient's needs. Above all, these professionals can be responsible for a person's life. Thus, we built LigneSante as a collaborative platform, which enables experts to reach out to other professionals, who could give them pertinent advice. And all this without sharing a patient's private information.

Why Should You Consider LigneSante For Your Collaboration Needs?

Various studies have shown that medical mistakes are prevalent. LigneSante wants to lower the numbers. How so?

First, LigneSante, a collective intelligence platform, is a worldwide community exchange, that gets its strength and power through the safe and secure communications of all healthcare professionals. That is to say; the tool respects the beliefs of an integrated health solution, which is open to all healthcare professionals. The platform aims at bringing together every medical specialty from every corner of the world.

Since each medical professional has his approach on how to deal with a patient’s symptoms or disease, the platform allows them to share their triumphs and failures with others. LigneSante thereby bridges the gap all healthcare professionals have, for too long, experienced. It is a community of healthcare experts in the virtual world, which gives them a chance to share their collective knowledge about how to best help patients around the world – for one reason or another.

Through a virtual platform like LigneSante, members of the medical community can share their positive and negative experiences with others – learning what may or may not work for their patients. Moreover, the feedback shared by the medical community is often welcoming. So why not have a dedicated platform for all healthcare providers to share what they have learned?

In particular, each healthcare providers operates differently from another healthcare provider, even if they work in the same practice. And the standard of care varies from one country to another, even in pandemic cases. LigneSante offers experts a chance to share their medical smarts with other healthcare professionals to combat the pandemic and non-pandemic diseases that plague the world – be it life-threatening or not.

What Are The Advantages?

There are four key advantages to the LigneSante platform:

  • Patients are happier and healthier!
  • Also, healthcare specialists and facilities can save money with a more efficient, effective, and secure collaboration platform.
  • Through the platform, medical professionals and facilities can provide patients with a better experience.
  • Finally, healthcare professionals and facilities stay in compliance with patient information laws.
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How Can The Patients Benefit From LigneSante?

Patients want to stay in touch with their medical providers during treatment understandably. However, the reality is that postal mail is snail mail, phone calls can eat into other essential duties, and online communication must undergo encryption before being sent.

So, what is the answer?

LigneSante allows medical professionals to communicate with patients in real-time and in a secure fashion. More precisely, the key feature includes a two-way real-time communication tool between the two parties.

  • Patients can quickly sign up and securely send their messages.
  • They can reach out to the community via their phone or computer.
  • Hospital staff can provide patients with real-time advice, help, and recommendations instead of a personal one-on-one meeting with the doctor.
  • Communications are encrypted, which means patient information stays confidential and in compliance with medical regulations. The hospital can keep track of new requests as well as demands that were solved or addressed by someone else.
Take Part In Our Surveys (and Get Paid For Doing So)

Besides being a platform for all medical professionals to connect, LigneSante also takes part in internet medical market research studies. Healthcare providers can provide insights into various situations and get paid for it. For example, they can share the experience they have had with medical devices, drugs, and other treatment options. And finally, the information they provide could influence companies to make decisions that help the medical community.

LigneSante lets medical professionals and academic institutions take part in, and complete surveys when it’s convenient for them. It’s a free, invitation-only membership, tailored to each particular profession. The invitations emailed to each selected expert, and they can complete the survey when it’s best for them.

We also make sure that our participants are paid for their time, as their views are critical to the medical community and future growth!

Is It Worth It?


Think about why the platform developed! We developed LigneSante so that healthcare providers can reach out to other healthcare providers around the globe – to help patients overcome a disease or illness in a way that a specialist may never have considered. In conclusion, collective intelligence and collaboration are essential to finding cures to conditions and treatments for diseases.

Now, you may be wondering if it’s worth signing up to LigneSante. Remember, your professional opinions could have an influential impact on healthcare and improve medicine throughout the world!

  • We will have more healthcare surveys for you to take, which means you chose only the ones that you feel are the best for your particular situation.
  • Also, we pay you for both your time and effort.
  • Plus, you decide on how you are rewarded.
  • Finally, we make sure you have full control, and you can unsubscribe when you want to.